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I address how I approached an Oracle mission-critical objective in this case study. I will outline the critical thinking and craft needed to complete an end-to-end experiential product event.


Our product team wants a way to incentivize our potential Sass clients by showing its extensibility through add-ons.

Refining the needs

Our product team wants to incentivize potential Sass clients to purchase our core platform by offering an add-on that could generate our clients’ branded public-facing origination marketing products.

UX/UI Objective

Our UX team needs use cases to demonstrate our clients’ branded originations product output using our Sass core configuration only.

Research and Low-fi ideation

Our UX team needs to collaborate with our industry product origination experts so that we can identify, define, and sync on critical vectors and compliance of an originations market product.

Hi Fidelity Comps and Prototyping

Our UX team needs to demonstrate how the product looks and feels using Hi Fidelity comps, wires, and prototyping so that our stakeholders, marketing, and developers have a Northstar on building an originations product using configuration only.

Digital Strategy

First, the persona is identified, and I will build current and future state scenarios to define user needs, pain points, and opportunities.

My needs analysis is generated through user journeys.

Through research with the client, we identified pain points and opportunities using current and future state storyboard journeys.

…Generated Use case sample

(The by-product of our research above used to sync with SMEs, Product Owners, and Development )

…Generated Wire Flows

(Using our synced use cases to create Low-Fi wires that inform ur experiential vectors that meet our business goals.)

…Generated UI’s

(Using our synced Low-Fi High wires I create Hi-fidelity comps via new and or used style guide assets – that adhere to our banks-targeted audience and brand identity)


Mobile Carousel Product Page


Authenticated Client Landing Page


Finished Client Product

Styleguides + Assets

Client Dashboard (Interaction)

…Generated Prototyping and Interactions

(This is where I get final alignment with a multi-disciplined team)

It’s an iterative journey…

Intuitive User Interface


Excellent Results