Oracle 2021

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

  • Mobile
  • Web Application
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Low-Fi Wires
  • High Fidelity UI’s
  • High Fidelity Prototypes

Anti-money Laundering

Building at scale, simple relevant clean.

The Objective

Redesign the way we interface with our anti-money laundering user experience.  Anti-money laundering is a critical need in the financial world – this piece has been in my pipeline for a while, and I will share a few key points during the process.  Not everything, as we do not want to give Oracle’s competitors or the criminals too much, as you can imagine.  Hopefully, it will be enough to see how I approached a few key points, which are only a small fraction of this product and the many contributors not mentioned.

My role was to start the train moving in the right direction from a user experience perspective.

The Problem

Rethinking the way anti-money laundering personnel engage in the complex work they do daily.

My Role

My role in this project was pivotal. I was tasked with enhancing our user experience, leveraging our new redwood style-guides, user roles, and tasks. This was a crucial step in our journey towards standardizing user experiences.

  • As Lead Product Designer, my job was to establish the first approved key user experiences to serve as standard as to how to handle 80% of the types of tasks users needed to handle on a daily basis
  • I worked with SMEs to gather the domain research and create use cases around the tasks they worked on on a daily bases
  • Facilitated UX kickoff with mostly SME’s to get a sense of pain-points and glean opportunities on the next versions of the application
  • Synced Business objectives with UX Use cases and established usability guidelines


  • Fingertip information
  • Multi-level exception handling
  • Pipeline approvals
  • Obviating information for better cognitive load
  • information curations

Format challenges


Use Case Sampling

Needs Analysis Sampling

  • I need a way to select a single line item
  • I need a way to access a line items more menu
  • I need a way to assign a line item
  • I need a way to view a clients historical record (past and future)
  • I need a way for the investigator to see general personal or other tasks
  • I need a way to for investigators to determine what to do next
  • I need a way for investigators to know what a client needs to do next

User Interface Sampling

User Interface Sampling (Investigator Profile Panel)

The Solution

The anti-money laundering user interfaces face several complex problems; these are just a few screens showing the organization and a handful of use cases and a simple set of needs found during interviews with SMEs

Oracle 2020

Table Configuration

  • Mobile
  • Web Application
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Low-Fi Wires
  • High Fidelity UI’s
  • High Fidelity Prototypes

Table Configurations

The Objective

In an era where data is king, ensuring seamless access and manipulation of information across mobile platforms is paramount. On this project, I spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking feature for a mobile application, revolutionizing the way users interact with data tables. My mission was clear: to design an intuitive, user-friendly interface and experience that allows users to customize and edit tables directly from their mobile devices without sacrificing depth for simplicity.

The Problem

In the context of our CRUD patterning, we needed a way for bank configurators to create complex tables using database reference.

My Role

My role in this project was multifaceted, encompassing everything from initial concept development to the final implementation stages. By conducting thorough user research, I identified key pain points in mobile data interaction and addressed them through meticulous interface stage design. The result? A seamless, intuitive experience that empowered users to make the most of their data anytime, anywhere.

  • As Lead Product Designer, my job was to establish the first approved version of the experience
  • I worked with SMEs to gather the domain research and create use cases
  • Study engineering BRDs
  • Facilitated UX kickoff
  • Synced Business objectives with UX Use cases and established patterning guidelines


  • Using a mobile device
  • Error handling
  • Complex Interactions
  • Big data

Formate challenges


Mikals complex UX interaction screenshot

The Solution

Leveraging my expertise in UI/UX design and mobile development, I implemented a series of innovative solutions that bridged the gap between complex data manipulation and mobile usability. I introduced a dynamic, customizable table interface, enabling users to pull, edit, and manage data with unprecedented ease. This was not just about creating flexible tables; it was about reimagining how users could interact with data in a mobile environment.

This project not only showcased my ability to innovate and solve complex problems but also reaffirmed my commitment to enhancing user satisfaction through thoughtful design and technology. As we move forward into a more data-driven world, I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile app development.

  • I needed my users to establish the table’s name so users could reference it in the future.

  • I needed my users to select a referenced domain name and type

  • I needed my users to select when the table would be active
  • Finally, customizing a table pulled from data reference.

Oracle 2022



Contectual interaction

Whats a Pin?

A user action taken on pin-able content types to reference later and/or retrieve during a task.


Defining a use case journey as to when and who sets pins for whom in the pipeline

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Oracle 2021

Data Jigsaw working name DataJix

Complex interaction

How to quickly view complex hierarchal information on your phone and effectively interact with it

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